Smucker. Killing weeds is what we do.

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Smucker Manufacturing has been in business since 1983 and has been proving itself every year by true farmers.  They are constantly providing the best quality of spray equipment that you, as a farmer, would expect. We are pleased to be a part of this growing business and look forward to bringing in newer products. 

 The advantages of weed wiping are simple. You save money on spray because you are only covering the weeds you want kill and you are not hurting your money crops, Also you don't have the drift that comes with spray. Everybody knows that when the wind blows you don't know where your chemical is going. So with weed wiping there IS NO WORRIES. You simply apply it directly to the weeds that you are wanting to kill.

 Don't be fooled by imitations. Many people have tried to make their own wipers but don't have much success. I have heard of people using many different things to make a wick out of but to know avail. Smuckers wicks are the most effective way of holding enough chemical to kill weeds without dripping onto crops. These wicks can be gravity fed or through a simple 12 volt pump system. 

  Smucker has  several different options of wipers that range from atv to 30 ft. pull type. Gravity fed or pump fed. Also you won't need a big tractor to pull these wipers. An atv will do just fine and the pump can be wired directly to your atv battery.

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